Is Proactol Plus a scam? This is the question many of you asked. I will try to explain you why I believe Proactol Plus is not another scam weight loss product. So, let’s start …

Proactol Plus Clinical Studies

Creators of Proactol Plus claim that it is “rare weight loss product that is clinically proven.”

There have been 6 clinical examinations made on Proactol Plus. Probably the most important is a randomized double-blind placebo study which was carried out in Germany.

Participants were split into 2 groups – a study group and a control group. The study group used Proactol Plus while the control group were given a placebo – a tablet which looks like Proactol Plus but in fact does not include active ingredient (NeOpuntia).

Is Proactol Plus A Scam

Final results of this examination were really remarkable. Proactol Plus significantly increased percent of fat which passed through digestive system without being absorbed, decreased the body weight and Body Mass Index of the study group participants, and improved their feelings of satiety, therefore suppressing their appetite.

Other examinations have also proved that Proactol Plus binds to consumed fat and causes it to pass through the digestive system without being absorbed, but above mentioned study was the first to show that this directly impacts weight loss. Since it was first we believe it is the most important and it is verifiable proof that Proactol Plus is not a scam.

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Proactol Plus User Testimonials

Besides scientific facts from clinical studies, there are numerous testimonials from satisfied Proactol Plus users. Proactol Plus has been used by various people, young and old, women and men and all of them have similar opinion – Proactol Plus has helped them to lose weight.

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Proactol Plus Money Back Guarantee

The last evidence in my  Proactol Plus scam investigation is their full 180 days money back guarantee. Use Proactol Plus for 4 months and, if you’re not satisfied with the effects, they will give you a full money refund. If Proactol Plus is a scam they will very lose a lot of money from dissatisfied customers claiming their money back.

Taking into account all clinical examinations, literally thousands of satisfied users and 100% money back guarantee I only can confirm that Proactol PLUS is not a scam weight loss product.

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