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Discover if Proactol can really help you to lose weight by absorbing 28% of your fat intake…

Proactol PLUS is a new variant of already established diet supplement Proactol.

It belongs to fat binders, class of diet pills that have ability to bind to the fat molecules in your stomach thus preventing certain amount of fats to be absorbed by your digestive tract.


Proactol completely changed its formula and now uses non-animal Chitosan instead of Opuntia ficus Indica and now it’s called Proactol XS (Xtra Strong).

Non-animal Chitosan is a way more potent fat binder. You can read about this new product in our Proactol XS reviews

It has been clinically proven in at least 6 independent studies and is favorite weight loss options for numerous people around the world.

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Proactol Plus

Proactol Plus is currently one of the best selling slimming supplements online and the reason is simple – Proactol Plus has helped thousands of people to lose weight and feel more confident about their body.

  • Clinically proven weight loss supplement
  • Binds up to 28% of fat intake
  • Powerfully suppresses appetite and reduces food cravings
  • Medically backed with the CE stamp of approval
  • Reduces blood cholesterol

It’s unique formula works as both a fat binder, to bind with up to 28% of the fat you eat, and an appetite suppressant – these two actions drastically reduce your calorie intake.

Unlike many other diet pills, Proactol Plus has been tested in medical trials and has been clinically proven to aid weight loss.

Proactol Plus is also a certified medical device, and has the CE stamp of approval, which means that it has undergone extensive and rigorous testing in order to meet the high safety standards of the EU.

But it’s not only the medical world that approve of Proactol Plus. On the official Proactol Plus website, you can find many written reviews and real-life video testimonials from customers who have experienced amazing weight loss success thanks to Proactol Plus.

Whether you need to kick start your weight loss regime or you want to lose those last few stubborn pounds, Proactol Plus can help you take control of your weight management giving you the figure that you have always desired.

How Does Proactol PLUS Work?

The key ingredient in this supplement is known as NeOpuntia, a 100% natural fiber extracted from nutritive cactus Opuntia Ficus Indica (Prickly Pear).

NeOpuntia has been scientifically researched for almost 20 years.

It was found during these tests that NeOpuntia has excellent lipophilic power.

When NeOpuntia comes into contact with fats in your stomach it binds with them immediately to form a fluid gel that makes the fats complex too large to be absorbed by your body. Fats complex is eliminated naturally through the gastric system.

How Does It Work

Besides, it has soluble fibres that bind with bile acids to form a viscous solution which slows down digestion processes and absorption of glucose. Such viscous solution is a lot harder to digest and remains in our stomach longer than any other typical meal.

You will feel fuller for longer, your hunger pangs will be eliminated. Also, the slow digesting makes your metabolism work faster which means more calories are burned.

Proactol Plus Online

The key to weight loss is reducing your calorie intake so that your body burns off more calories than it takes in from food. When your body is using up more calories than it is taking in, it has to break down your fat stores to give you energy and that is when you start to lose weight.

Proactol Plus helps to drastically reduce your calorie intake as it is both a fat binder and appetite suppressant.

The key ingredient in Proactol Plus is it’s patented fibre complex called Opuntia Ficus Indica which is both 100% natural and organic.

The patented complex is made up of two fibres;

1. Non-Soluble Fibres – the fat binding fibres

When the non-soluble fibres come into contact with dietary fats (fats in the food that you eat) they bind with them to form a fluid gel around the fat.

This creates a fat complex which is too large to be absorbed by the body and it just naturally passes out of the body through bowel movements.

This natural process blocks up to 28% of fat from being absorbed by your body, which significantly reduces your calorie intake and stops your body from storing excess fat.

2. Soluble Fibres – the appetite suppressing fibres

These fibres are highly viscous and when they bind with bile acids they create a very thick solution which slows down digestion.

The stomach finds the viscous solution a lot harder to digest and it therefore remains in the stomach for a longer period of time.

This gives a feeling of being full for much longer and therefore reduces food cravings.

The Proactol Plus soluble fibres also reduce the absorption of cholesterol and this can greatly help to lower blood cholesterol levels.


Proactol recently changed its formula and brand name.

Now it uses Chitosan-like compound 1 derived from fungi and is branded as Proactol XS fat binder.

Is Proactol Plus Safe?

Proactol Plus is very safe.

Unlike 99% of the diet pills on the internet, Proactol Plus is a certified medical device with the CE stamp of approval.

To gain the CE stamp of approval, a product has to undergo extensive and rigorous testing in order to meet the high safety and efficacy standards of the EU.

The term medical device is attached to Proactol Plus™ due to the method of how it works with the body, it works by physically blocking your body from ingesting fat instead of physiologically changing how your body works.

Proactol Plus is also manufactured in the EU – a fact which many of it’s competitors cannot compete with as they are produced in Asia.

The EU has the highest standards of law worldwide governing the safety of diet pill production.

For you the customer, it means that you can rest assured knowing that you are taking a safe product that won’t harm you health.

You can see Proactol’s Certificate of Analysis and Medical Device Certificate. You simply must demand proof of safety and effectiveness from ANY product before you spend your money.

Endorsed Product

Endorsed by doctors!It is endorsed by many medical professionals and dietitians.

One of the most prominent is Dr. Joerg Gruenwald, speaker at more than 150 medical seminars and television and radios shows around the world.

He is also the author of more than 50 medical publications. “It is encouraging to see that a supplement offers a healthy way of making it simple to take charge of your body mass and eating habits.”

Besides, it has been authorized as a medical device supplement (MDD 93/42/EEC).

It carries a Certificate of Analysis for active substance and France ECOcert SAS and it is licensed by the UK Vegetarian Society.

Proactol Plus is Clinically Proven

Proactol Plus has been vigorously tested for efficacy (how effective it is) and it has passed with flying colours!

Proactol Plus has undergone 6 clinical studies to test the effectiveness of the patented fibre complex.

All of the studies prove that Proactol Plus helps to reduce fat absorption, suppresses the appetite and ultimately, increases weight loss.

In a ‘double blind placebo controlled cross over study‘, healthy participants were put into two separate groups (of no particular pairing).

One group of participants received our active ingredient whilst the other group received a placebo. In both cases, they were given a weeks trial.

After the first initial week the two groups were given a washout period, before being asked to swap.

During this period, participants also had to follow a strict diet to ensure that they all received a standardized intake of fats with no risk of inconsistency.

The results comprised of following:

On average the quantity of fat that was blocked from entering into the participants bodies, compared to the quantity ingested increased by 27.4% in the group of volunteers who had taken Proactol™’s active ingredient, compared to those you had not.

This study shows that volunteers who took Proactol™ over this period lost an average of 27.4% more dietary fat than the group who took the placebo.

Extensive research has also shown that a reduction in dietary fat can contributes towards hitting your target weight.

Maintaining an healthy weight has been shown to help improve disorders associated with obesity such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

Possible Proactol Plus Side Effects

Like all medicines, Proactol Plus can cause side effects, although not everybody experiences them.

The most common side effects associated with Proactol Plus are excess wind, more frequent bowel movements and fatty/loose stools.

Proactol Plus helps you to lose weight by blocking the absorption of up to 28% of the fat that you eat.

Your body will therefore need to excrete more fat than normal through your bowel movements which may lead to some of the above side-effects.

The reported customer success rate, testimonials, length of time the Proactol company has been running and their reorder rate proves that Proactol is a safe and effective diet pill with very few side-effects.

The owners of Proactol are so confident that you will be satisfied with their product they offer a Risk-Free 6 Month Money Back Guarantee.

Proactol is a UK registered Limited company so you can rest assured that they have to uphold their money-back guarantee, so you can try the product completely risk-free.

Proactol Plus has also been seen in and endorsed by media publications.

This supplement is 100% natural, has been endorsed by the medical professionals and has been authorized as a medical device supplement.

It is safe for long-term use and has no clinically known side effects.

User Testimonials

I have lots of experience with diet pills. I tried many of them. So far I have never found a pill that works doesn’t have side effects. I am writing this just to tell you that I recently started using Proactol PLUS and I have absolutely no side effects! I don’t know about others, but so far everything I read about this diet pill is true.

Jim Peterson, Australia

By using Proactol PLUS after each meal it gives me the confidence not to worry so much about what I eat and now I could enjoy my food without feeling guilty afterwards. With this diet pill I have been losing a steady 1-2 pounds per week. This has given me the confidence to go to the gym on a regular basis and I am now a lot more happy and confident in myself.

Hannah Jones, UK

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How Do You Take Proactol Plus?

It is recommended that you take 2-4 pills per day, with a large glass of water, preferably 30 minutes before a meal.

If you have a lot of weight that you want to lose then it is recommended that you take 4 pills per day.

You can take up to 6 pills per day depending on how quickly you want to lose weight.

Also, if you know that you will treating yourself to higher fat meal, such as fast food, a takeaway or a meal in a restaurant, then it is recommended that you take the higher dose of pills.

If you want to lose a small amount of weight or you want to maintain your figure, then it is recommended that you take 2 pills per day.

Great Bonuses

  • FREE Pure Acai Berry Max Pills (for 3 months orders and above)
  • Free membership to Health and Fitness Network
  • Weight Loss E-books
  • On-line Aerobic Exercises
  • Book with recipes

Main Benefits

  • Binds Up To 27.4% Dietary Fat Intake
  • Helps Suppress Appetite
  • Help Reduce Cholesterol Levels
  • Helps Reduce Excess Body Weight
  • No Allergens and Preservatives
  • Reduces calorie intake by 295 calories a day

What Is The Average Weight Loss Result

As we are all individuals, it is hard to say that you will lose x amount of weight when taking Proactol Plus.

It all depends on:

  • How much weight you have to lose – the heavier you are, the quicker you will lose it
  • Whether you adjust your diet to a healthier, low fat one – this will speed up your weight loss
  • How much exercise you do – the more you do , the quicker you will see results

However, the official Proactol Plus website states that customers lose an average of 1-2lbs per week which is 4-8lbs per month.

Unlike many other fad diet pills, it will help you to safely and steadily lose weight.

Any diet pill that makes ridiculous claims, such as losing 10lbs in a week, is a scam and will not help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Proactol Plus is not a quick fix – it is a life-changing weight management tool that will help you lose weight and keep it off for good!

Proactol Plus… The Pro’s and Con’s

There is no doubt that Proactol Plus is one of the most established, legitimate and effective diet pills currently available to buy.

However, I still thought it would be good to sum up both the Pro’s and the Con’s so you can make a more informed decision before deciding if Proactol Plus is the right weight loss product for you.


  • Clinically proven weight loss supplement
  • Medically backed with the CE stamp of approval
  • Double action – binds with 28% of fat and powerfully suppresses your appetite
  • Reduces blood cholesterol
  • 100% natural, safe ingredients
  • Expected weight loss of 4-8lbs per month
  • Distributed by a very reputable UK based company with reliable customer support on both the internet and by phone
  • 180 day money-back guarantee.


  • Can lead to excess wind and loose stools
  • Cannot take if you are pregnant
  • More pricey than other diet pills – this is because Proactol Plus contains powerful but natural ingredients that are costly to harvest.

Where to buy Proactol PLUS?

You can buy Proactol Plus only from official website. You can’t buy it in stores or anywhere other than their website.


Instead of Proactol Plus you order an improved version of it, known as Proactol XS, so you can read about this new product and eventually buy Proactol XS afterwards.

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