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Proshape RX Weight Loss System

Proshape rx

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It is a complete weight loss system.

  • It is made mainly of Hoodia Gordonii which suppress appetite natural and effective way.
  • It also contains a fat binder, Chitosan. Chitosan is a shell fish extract and not a plant fibre complex like some other fat binder. It has worked for countless users in the ancient past and it is really not something untested or new.
  • White Kidney Bean – White Kidney Bean interrupts the digestive process that converts starch to sugar. That way, body has fewer calories to store.

Besides Chitosan, Hoodia and White Kidney Bean,  this complete fat loss supplement also contains ingredients :

  • Fenugreek extract – supports digestive tract health
  • Green tea – stimulating effect upon caloric expenditure and fat oxidation
  • White willow bark – promote the metabolizing of fat
  • L-Methionine – catalyst enzyme for fat burner substances
  • Beet root extract – supports liver metabolism

All well known ingredients that are proven to be beneficial to your general well-being and health.

It can be classified as a new competitor in weight loss industry. They are not as popular as other diet pills but Proshape RX has amazed us with the originality of its ingredients.

It an up and coming weight loss product that shows great potential. It is medically backed, and 100% natural. If you are serious about losing weight, this is a great product that offers the key ingredients necessary to achieve your weight loss goals.

Proshape RX has various weight loss and health benefits. It will:

  • Suppress your appetite – the only cause of excessive eating
  • Stop unwanted fats from entering your bloodstream and making you fat
  • Reduce calorie absorption from starches
  • Reduce cholesterol absorption from all foods
  • Increases your lean muscle mass so that you burn fats faster
  • Gives you better digestive tract health

It is overall very safe product for use. It is 100% natural and have one minor side effect. In some people, ProShape RX may cause constipation.
It is also important to say that it is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians since it contain Chitosan which is animal product.


We have found that it is a valuable diet pill to lose weight. But it should be understood that there is no magic associated with the ingredients of the pill.

You should follow the instructions for use to see the best results. The ideal practice is to combine the pills with the physic exercises so that one will lose weight in a very short time.

Once again, Proshape RX is medically backed and 100% natural.

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