In modern world of yoga and self-help gurus, “mantra” has come as a common saying. Frankly speaking it is a phrase made to cause a desired action when repeated. So, why can’t dieters use mantras to invoke willpower and concentrate on their diets?

The following list of 10 top diet mantras is not grounded on the science of sound vibrations, or any mystical, far-eastern philosophy, but in exchange is a piece of phrases that can be used to not forget and reinforce the reasons for dieting in the first place. Even in spite the fact that there is no science or mysticism to the formula of words, they might just assist with that ever essential willpower when it’s needed most.

Mantra #1- Fat is not Funny. When you look for that extra piece of bread or “just two” cookies, awake in your mind that you get no humor in being overweight.

Mantra #2- Food is my Friend, Fat is Not. Compared to any friend, food can wear out its welcome. In measured quantities it is good, but overdo it and it becomes irritating.

Mantra #3- If it is Sweet, It is Sugar. You don’t have to read labels to find the sugar in a plenty of snacks. Remind yourself that if the cause you like it is because it is sweet there is probably sugar in it somewhere.

Mantra #4- My Family, My Friends, My Food. This is to remind you that food doesn’t have to be used as a comfort. Family and friends must always go first and food is simply a necessary distraction.

Mantra #5- Live, Love, Lose Weight. Just like #4, this one is a reminder. While losing weight is important, don’t forget to live life and communicate with those you love.

Mantra #6- I am a loser. Make a negative into a positive with this one. In the majority of situations being called a loser is bad, but when dieting we all desire to be losers.

Mantra #7- I guess I can, I suppose I can… It functioned for the Little Engine and it will operate for you. Only remind yourself that it may be done and keep chugging along.

Mantra #8- One pound at a time. The great pyramids were built one block at a time, a long journey is accomplished one step at a time, and your weight loss will happen one pound at a time. Total success will be measured at the end.

Mantra #9- Food does not control me. When those cravings disturb remind yourself that food is an inanimate thing that does not control you. You control when and how you intake food into your organism.

Mantra #10- I can do this! Deep down you know that you can. It is essential to fight the urges to give up or slip from the path. When that urge creeps into your mind, just shout it out with a hearty “I can do this!”

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