To slim fast you should stick to a diet, do fitness trainings and drink much water. And this is a commonplace truth. There and everywhere magazines and TV programs are trying to persuade us in the need to slim fast. And then we are told about diets, exercises and rules. But still you can do without all this. But the main thing is to lead a healthy life and to choose an active pastime to suit your taste instead of fitness. It can be dancing or running, or body flex. Besides namely body flex will be discussed here. Respiratory gymnastics for weight loss will help you to return your shapely figure without considerable limitations and quite quickly.

What effect does it have?

The developer of this system Greer Childers is writing in his book on body flex that only in a week of doing these exercises your waist can be reduced by 10-35 centimeters. And it is an excellent result, isn’t it? It seems incredible, but nevertheless respiratory gymnastics really works. It is directed at muscle tightening so that sooner or later the body will become flexible and slim.

A common woman breathes in much less oxygen than it is required by her organism. Because of the polluted air our breathing becomes shallow. And fat can be burnt only when there is a large amount of oxygen in the cells. Respiratory gymnastics is directed to give the body the missing oxygen. The cells revive, fat is actively burning and you slim fast.

Body flex accelerates metabolism, but if you have any illnesses connected with metabolic disturbances you should consult a doctor before using this method. And for people without metabolism-related diseases the results will come in due time.

How to start training?

Nowadays video lessons on body flex can be bought or downloaded in the Internet. These lessons will help those who do not have time or do not want to read a book to do exercises correctly. But if it is possible you’d better buy a book. (It is quite cheap. The book can be bought here: buy) It is called “The 15-minute workout”, written by Greer Childers. You will find more details in the book about the system itself and will learn to do exercises and you will… Slim fast!

And although the main purpose of the exercises in respiratory gymnastics – is to enhance energy and muscles tightening, you will still slim fast!. Deep breathing provokes lymph movement, the metabolism accelerates and you slim fast. Everything is simple it is only required to do exercises. By the way, these exercises should be best done 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening. In the morning instead of boring morning exercises and in the evening to rest.

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