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People come to fitness club with the different purposes:

* to get rid of superfluous kgs,
* to increase muscular weight,
* or simply to spend a free time and communicate.

But whatever was your purpose – the main thing that it is achievable!

The first with what it is necessary to begin is to choose correct the purpose.
So, your purpose should be:

* clear and accurate;
* really achievable;
* motivated.

If your purpose is not accurate most likely it will withdraw you on a wrong way. Not clear aim will not motivate you and your desire to reach it gradually will die away.

Certainly, fitness adviser and the trainer will offer you some variants and you will help to concretise your desires but you should define for yourself an overall objective.

Having put before yourself not an attainable aim you soon will be disappointed in yourself and the desire to train will be gone for a long time if not for ever.

For example, if you have decided to turn from the strong full lady with to the fragile, easy and thin ballerina this purpose for you is not achievable. And here to become tightened, sports fitness lady is quite really.

After you achieve the objective:

* the state of health and health will improve;
* the mood will improve;
* you will become even more attractive and self-confident;
* you will begin to look at a life in another way.

In any case it remains noticed. So beginning the training always recollect for the sake of what you do it.
For example: your purpose is to grow thin. And the result of achievement of the purpose is «my clothes will be for two sizes less».
So, you have defined that wish to grow thin for two sizes. Well!

Now establish terms of achievement of your purpose. Stop! Stop! Stop! Be realists!!! To grow thin for two sizes with ease, pleasure, without harm for health, moreover and for a month, hardly will be possible.

Choose real terms. For example, take an interval of time of 6 months or any date (by New Year, to birthday, to wedding, etc.) also break it into 3 stages. And necessarily, successfully having finished each stage do not forget to encourage yourself. The way of encouragement get out individually.
The purpose – to begin regular training process, to get rid of bad habits and to change a way of life.

Result of achievement of the purpose is comfortable state of health in time and after loading. Instead of a sofa and the TV choose movements and the favourite trainer. Instead of a cigarette, a bun, a glass of wine, a chocolate, etc. choose fresh juice and sports cocktails.

Terms – no more than two months. In the beginning it will be not easy. In the beginning refuse with what you most easier to leave. For example, replace morning coffee with a sandwich with healthy, high-grade food, the sweet aerated drinks – mineral water. Also remember, you change a way of life.

At this stage, as well as on the following, the expert is necessary for you. He will help to begin smoothly regular training process, will explain to you what, why, what for and how it is necessary to do. But you answer for an end result.

The purpose is the maximum approach to the treasured dream. Result of achievement of the purpose is regular trainings for you now norm, eutrophy is not such not tasty, bad habits became less.
At this stage you «go on result» and any deviation from system is a step back. Be not frightened!

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