What does fitness mean?
This is really good question. Because many different people have their own thoughts about it. For a lot of people fitness is a loosing of weight and keeping you healthy and in shape and for others fitness is like the addiction. So they can`t live without it. So there are for sure a lot of degrees of fitness.

Fitness has a few meanings. The first one is physical. Fitness is the condition that your body is in. Good fitness allows you to do something that you in some way may not be able to do or it helps you to do something better. The second one is that fitness is a way of life. If you are not ‘in shape’ you are probably moving somewhere backwards. Fitness means that you have a good strong body that looks good. When you get it you will be very enjoyed. You would like to do it more and more. It is like a journey. If you like to travel you will be satisfied with your fitness. Three, for many people fitness is a thing that can greatly improve your style of life. It helps you to improve your physical and mental health. Fitness is something you prefer? It is something like taking care of your body, exercising properly, getting good amount of sleep.

Fitness allows us to be always conscious in our life, to control ourselves. Many people become more disciplined with the help of fitness and they can use this discipline in their ways of life.

It may be ridiculous but I think fitness is like a drug. People visit the gym every day in order to look better, to be healthy and beautiful, to have big muscles. Fitness is the addiction and it can provoke huge changes in all ways of our life. It helps you feel better and have more energy for your own stuffs, for your free time. Besides when you are active and have a lot of energy, you burn many calories. Being fit will let you do more physical exercises. And it lets you exercise harder. It can also help you to lose your weight. Making physical activity has to be a part of your life, like brushing your teeth every morning and every evening. You can start with biking to work once or twice a week, using the stairs but not the elevator, or walking to the market. But you should talk to your doctor before you start all these exercises. If you haven’t been very active before or have some health problems you shold have the consultations with him for sure.

So everybody may think about the meaning of fitness and choose the right answer for themselves.

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