Nobody wants to be fat. Not only because this is disgusting but first of all the obesity has really impact on our health. We can define various reasons of such disease like obesity. The major cause of it is the abnormal consumption of food. Those people who have overweight don`t eat balanced and ‘right’ food. The problem is that they consume a lot of calories, they don`t use their energy during the day. So in that way such scheme of their life doomed to the failure for sure.

But also the inheritance and our surroundings also lead people to obesity.
If you have central obesity (in other words stomach obesity ) it means that you overeat all the time or you don`t pay too much attention to your lifestyle. Those people eat and drink as much as they want, sometimes even without control. Also if you use some drug it can also cause obesity.

The stomach obesity is very dangerous as it has the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. Very interesting how the fat accumulates in the men and women. For example the female sex hormone provokes that fat keeps in the thighs and hips.Men have differences in this plan. All the men`s fat accumulate in the belly in general.

Of course this is really very big problem. Because nobody wants to have problems with his or her health and to look not beautiful. So if you want to change this situation you must make the first step.
Either you are male or a female you need aerobic exercise, some fitness. If you go to the gym and spend your time there you will not find the time for food and every-minute snacks.

The second goal for changing of your life is that you need a really good diet in order to lose your weight that will help you to fight with the obesity. These two methods are the main ones on your way to frustrate the obesity. Try it.
Never forget that spot exercise that includes exercising of some determined muscle or some part of the body can effectively burn fat. Never believe it. This is not true. Located exercise can help you to build individual muscles, but it will never burn your fat in that part of the body you would like to.

There is some general idea that those people who drink a lot of beer have pot belly. And those who do not do it may have little chance of developing it. You should always remember that your health is only in your hands. The main causes of obesity are either overeating, genetic or your own carelessness. If you love yourself and don`t want to be ill all your life try to change your lifestyle.

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