There is no doubt that almost everyone eagers to be healthy. Keeping our shapes is not an issue of discipline for most people, rather it relates to not having enough time in a day to fit in an exercise program.
Very often one can hear from people that it is needed 45 minutes of exercise JUST 4 to 5 times a week to follow a healthy lifestyle. But you have to keep in mind that those 45 minutes can easily double if you take into account preparation, travel and recovery time.
Actual possible time spent on fitness exercises every day would be around 2 to 3 hours. This is a significant part of day for anyone to dedicate it just for keeping their shape under control. It can be argued that such investment in time to be healthy is really worth of it but for people in the world it is just impossible to allot this amount of time.
While doing two jobs, taking care of the children, an MBA program or simply enjoying your free time (which can be as important to health as training) not all the people really have time to spend on doing exercises.
The ideal exercise is a thing that is actually needed for us to do during our lives. Naturally, our bodies are designed in such a way they could adapt to the requirements of our everyday lives. Lack of activity is the main reason for obesity today.
Our lives have become quite comfortable and convenient which almost displaced physical activities needed to survive earlier. As a consequence of these conveniences we enjoy our bodies lose their shapes.
A nice exercise to do if time is lacking is what some people call “Spontaneous Jogging.” It means substitution of walking to the destination by sudden running. It could be done while going for a lunch or on your way to your car.
For instance, in Star Trek there was an episode with people just running or hopping to any place they went. By physique and vitality, those aliens looked like Olympic Athletes. It could be considered as a fact that even a long time ago there was an idea that to permanently replace walking with jogging.
Nowadays, it is common many people live or work on a multiple level building so it might be a good practice to go to work on your running gear and taking the stairs running. Once you reach your floor you can make use of the bathroom available and change into something more suited for your office.
Running sporadically and spontaneously proved to be effective so much that it gave rise to specific “programs” dedicated to it. This is a milder version of HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training which implies running and walking in successive cycles.
All in all, if you want to lose your extra weight in a few month it is recommended to consider running instead of walking where there is enough space to allow it. Maybe, it will be strange if to look at it from the outside but this is in with a chance to become the future of exercise in time lacking world.

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