What is the fitness and why we should be engaged in it? Question at all seeming simplicity is ambiguous.
So such fitness – visiting of an exercise room or aerobics sections, yoga, etc.? In a translation from English “fitness” means “conformity”. There is a question: conformity to what? And now we will think: millions people worldwide are engaged in fitness. Why any more or less large company pays to the employees the subscription on sport club visiting that they could take advantage at any time of its services (and it is considerable money)? As it is obvious not charity gesture, it will be logical to assume that heads of these companies expect that their workers should too correspond to something.

At all variety of definitions of the given concept, it would be desirable to pay attention to what seems to the most simple and logical: “Fitness is a maintain of quality of a life”. And actually, the person aspires to live so that the life was in pleasure. Certainly the concept of happiness is the pleasure.
There are many people as who can`t work with free weight. They do not sweat in sports hall, but, nevertheless, they too are engaged in fitness. Not without reason fitness has already joined a category of wellness which reflects an essence more precisely. There are some competitors at sports clubs – they are wellness clubs which offer the programs directed on perfection not only physical, but also spiritual parties Their purpose is not let to the person know that the life is fine and many-sided. Such approach gets the increasing popularity. In the world in which we live when it seems that the life flies by with a speed of 100 km/h., it is absolutely necessary to be able to remove stress, and what kind of loading you choose, depends on you.

The statistics says to us that 80 % of clients of sport clubs begin visiting of employment with only one purpose – to lose their weight. However, that fact that many of them continue to come regularly on trainings already after the weight is dumped and their purpose is reached. They recognize that trainings become for them requirement, instead of necessity. Besides, the sport club is a fine place for dialogue. Here people are united by a common cause, can share the successes and failures. Besides, as in a case with group employment, you move in one rhythm with other people, together sweating and mastering new movements, and it very much pulls together.

It is necessary to tell that fitness shares on the general and physical. Thus, the general fitness is accepted to designate aspiration to the optimum quality of a life including spiritual, physical and other components.

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