What is a diet plateau?

A diet plateau is pretty easy to figure out, but very horrible to go through. It goes something like this, you’re on a low-calorie diet and steadily dropping fat, everything seems great and then all of a sudden the weight loss stops. it seems as if your scales have stopped working, but,sorrowfully they are not. You check your diet’s instructions and find that your following them to the letter, still nothing! What’s going on? The answer is easy, you are on a diet plateau. What has happened is that your body has reduced its metabolism in reaction to your reduced calorie intake. It is the body’s natural way of avoiding starvation and it has no way of knowing that you are lowering its calories on purpose.

What frustration!

When you find yourself on a diet plateau, it’s going to make you feel upset and frustrated. This is where a lot of people stop dieting. They have become discouraged and since nothing seems to be working it’s just easier to give up. After an experience like this, many people never try to diet again and those that do, usually do not resume trying for many months and even years.

Smashing through the wall

The diet plateau is also known as hitting the wall and we must find a way to smash through that wall. If we look at the way our bodies were made to react to food, we might find an answer. In days gone by, human beings often went from feast to famine in the natural course of their lives. They never ate the same amount of food or the same types of food on a regular basis. This was because they had to hunt and gather what was available and in season. If we can recreate, with in reasonable limits, this type of food environment, we can smash through the wall and lose weight at a regular pace.

Calorie Shifting

Calorie Shifting is a way to change up our caloric intake and keep our bodies from hitting the wall during our weight reduction diets. If we vary our daily calorie count, our bodies will not be able to adjust to a strict routine and this will keep our metabolisms high and the fat coming off. For example, if you went on a diet only every other day and ate normally the rest of the time, you could cut your calories almost in half and still have the joy of eating normally half of the time. Your body would never adjust to a low-calorie routine. This is the type of thing that calorie shifting can provide. A great example of this is in the Every Other Day Diet by John Benson.

Calorie shifting provides a fresh approach to weight loss that just maybe the answer to your dieting

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