Yes, sport is a good thing to do. But not everyone to it is suitable. And the more it is difficult to become the inveterate sportsman in adult years. Therefore we should warn you at once that loadings first will seem to you awful, from the slightest physical pressure you will feel wild weariness and tiredness.

When the weariness from playing sports will seem to you unreasonable, remember, for the sake of what all it in general becomes that you wish to lose weight and put your body in order. Yes, results will not be visible at once after you will lift a dumbbell few times. But will put some idea to yourself that they, the results that will be necessarily visible after some time.

But all the same if your laziness is so great that you cannot force to go in for sports daily what to do?

If it is difficult to you to find time for physical activities then these tips will be very useful. There is a great variety of ways to “load” yourself physically, thus as though and without going in for sports.

1. You should walk more

If you work near to the house, and, maybe, and at all do not work, superfluous half an hour of walk to you will be very much even on advantage. Calculate the time so that not to be late on work and easy go on foot. Except aesthetic pleasure, you receive also practical advantage – will lose many superfluous calories. Walking is good that it is not necessary to strain especially, but muscles work in a complex. Hips, buttocks, a stomach – all these groups of muscles are involved at walking.

Above we already spoke about that, how much useful there can be a movement like walking but when you hurry up for work advantage of walking nevertheless not such big as though you purposefully walked. After all when you are late, always you are nervous, you start to be angry that you go on foot though it was possible fast and easy to reach the transport – in general, the effect from such physical activities very much decreases.

Therefore make yourself a rule simply walk before you go to sleep. It not only calms and weakens your organism, but also promotes digestion. So, if you have densely eaten literally for an hour to a dream, walk – the best way to “lie” all in a stomach. But the word “walk” should not mean a simple celebration without hurrying up that is called, “very slowly”. Try and to give in this case to muscles at least small work – walk in those places where there are liftings or descents. It very much strengthens muscles of back and feet.

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