Swimming is one of the best exercises that improves fitness and also tones your body. There are no age barriers and people is different age will be able to do the aquatic exercises in swimming pools, whereas children under the age of 16 won’t be allowed inside the gym, so this is one exercise where there is no restriction for them.

There are plenty of exercises, which can be done in a swimming pool such as abdominal, biceps, hamstrings, shoulders and other exercises for different parts of your body.

At the gym to do these various exercises, you will have to use different machines, from cardio to muscle building make is going to be twice as hard than swimming. All that hard work for hours at the gym, where in swimming all that can be achieve by just one stroke, whether its cardio or muscle toning.

But if you are a first timer or have come back after lengthy time off then you shouldn’t over do it at the swimming pool or the gym as overdoing can cause some serious damage to your body/health. I believe swimming definitely is one of the best form of exercise for everyone and anyone.

Many different exercises can be used in swimming, not only exercise aquatic therapy for people who have asthma, cardiac rehabilitation, joint replacement, stress reduction, diabetes, broken bones, spinal injuries, weight management and constant pain of muscles and joints.

Whereas just to clear things up, aquatic therapy and aquatic exercise are two different types of fitness regime. Aquatic therapy focuses on techniques and healing of your body, whereas aquatic exercise is done when you are already in good health and focusing on strength, weight loss and endurance.

So the above quick read should give you an idea on how to increase your fitness, increase your strength or to do some other types of exercise or therapy in the swimming pool. Good thing about this is you can do all this at home, if you have a swimming pool. Most people these days built inground swimming pools as an investment.

Keep in mind there are swimming pool equipments and swimming pool chemicals to look at for the maintenance of your swimming pool.

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