Dietary supplements made of harvested acai fruit from the acai palm of northern Brazil are the best supplements for good health. The acai berry does not lose its medicinal properties after harvest if it is freeze dried immediately. The life of an acai berry is only 24 hour hours and it is important to use a dietary supplement that is made from fruit that is freeze dried immediately after harvest.

To get the best health benefits from Acai, look for organic fruit capsules with no chemical preservatives. Reputed companies make acai products without artificial and chemical preservatives because the side effects of these preservatives are likely to undo all the health benefits that acai gives the customer.

The acai Amazon fruit has amazing health benefits. It is made up of every type of healthy nutrient. It contains monounsaturated fats that help to lower cholesterol and protect the heart. Soluble and insoluble fiber helps to cleanse and detoxify the digestive system. It has anti inflammatory and antibiotic properties. Acai fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals and gives the body increased energy. It also enhances the immune system of the body and is an anti oxidant. Anti oxidants ensure that the circulatory system of the body functions correctly and the brain cells are not distorted by toxic substances.

The acai palm that bears the acai berry is found in the Para province of Northern Brazil. The acai berry was used by the indigenous people for nutritional and medicinal purposes for centuries. European and other settlers in northern Brazil carried the benefits of the acai berry to Rio and its popularity spread far and wide. Acai farmers were often at the mercy of middlemen to sell their produce. The popularity of the fruit as a health giving diet supplement in the U.S. has helped these farmers form co-operatives and obtain a fair price for their produce. The fruit is harvested between July and December and needs to be freeze dried quickly before being sent to nutraceutical labs where they are converted into different forms of dietary supplements.

Harvested acai dietary supplement is the easiest way to enjoy the benefits of the acai berry. Harvested fresh fruit has a short life span and cannot be transported while preserving its nutritional and medicinal properties. Freeze dried berries are converted into supplements without losing any of the health properties of the fresh acai berry. This makes it easy to purchase and you can easily enjoy the benefits of the acai berry.

This normal Acai fruit is dark purplish in color, which assumes still darker shades, and going even up to almost black as it becomes packed and richer with more and more nutrients for us. One feature of utmost importance with regard to this wonder fruit is the amazing level of fiber and antioxidants that this berry holds.
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