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Low fat in a human body is frequently linked with increased health benefits and appealing physical features in both sexes.

The human body consists of various lean tissues such as muscle, bone, and organs that are metabolically active and adipose tissues such as body fats that are less active.

Health Benefits Of Getting Low Body Fat LevelsLow body fats does not decide whether or not a person is obese or skinny.

A pro bodybuilder may be overweight in respect to his height, but his body has extremely little fat and most the additional weight is in lean muscle tissues.

On the other hand, other skilled athletes such as marathon runners are typically skinny and have very little percentage of body fat.

In both the cases, the body fat is more or less the identical, however one is overweight and the other is skinny, which proves that body fat does not determine the obesity or leanness of an person.

While hereditary factors do change the composition of body fat in an person, it is frequently a combination of inherited factors and chosen lifestyle.

Past the age of 16 body fat composition differences are mostly due to changes in fat cell size and not due to the amount of fat cells.

The Main Advantages of Low Body Fat

The most prominent health benefit resulting from a low body fat amount is almost certainly the reduced threat of heart troubles that may crop up due to clogged arteries or veins.

A number of persons might enjoy good health even after having a elevated body fat percentage, but when it comes to the general populace, figures undoubtedly reveal that most of the people suffering from heart problems have a higher amount of body fat.

Reports have shown that people with more fat around their stomach are more expected to suffer from Type 2 Diabetes than those with lesser body fat around the waist.

Low body fat as well reduces the threat of an assortment of kinds of cancers such as uterine cancer, cancer of the gallbladder, cervical cancers, ovarian cancers, and colon cancer in females.

In males, chances of colon cancer, prostate cancers, and cancer of the rectum are less. While this theory has been applicable in a lot of cases, it is still being debated, since the actual reasons of cancers have not yet been conclusively deduced.

Low body fat may prevent many health ailments

Low body fat is related with a less risk of Sleep Apnea, which can produce shortness of breath and even lead to heart attacks in a number of cases.

Burn Your Excess FatIt in addition reduces the risk of developing Osteoarthritis, that is widespread among the elderly and affects the joints in knees, hips and lower back.

If you are by now suffering from Gout, a condition affecting the joints brought on due to high levels of uric acid in the blood, reducing your percentage of body fat might help in reducing the pain and suffering.

The occurrence of gallbladder diseases and gallstones is also unusual among people with little body fat.

Considering the benefits of low body fat, its time to get started with the keeping fit regimes that you have been planning for a long time.

PhenQ Can Help You Get Lower Body Fat Levels

When you start out on your PhenQ diet plan, you are likely to have one solid focus from the start.

You are going to place all of your energy and focus on what you currently weigh, and how much weight you need to lose to get where you want to be.

You will have a one-track mind focused solely on reaching your goal weight. This is great and perfectly normal.


This is not all you want to be thinking about. Most don’t take time to also analyze their body fat levels, which is just as important.

PhenQ ReviewsWe want total health here, not just weight loss. What good is reaching your target weight but finding out you have an unhealthy level of fat in your body?

Just as you focus on your current weight and how much you need to lose to reach your target weight, you also need to place just as much emphasis on your current level of body fat.

And also what level you want to be at when you reach your target weight. You obviously want optimal health in both areas.

This is the beauty of PhenQ. It is a total system that focuses on helping you focus on both issues through the fat burning supplement, diet plans and exercise program.

Most weight loss and fat burners leave this part out of the equation which is why so many are still left unhappy and unable to reach their weight goals.

Let’s take a closer look at the fat issue itself, because it is incredibly important. Having too little body fat is just as bad as having too much.

Both situations bring up severe health risks. By looking at the health risks on both sides of this spectrum we will be able to see where you should stand and what you should aim for while using PhenQ fat burner.

Danger: Too Much Body Fat

Most understand that this is a huge health risk. It is the one that gets talked about all the time. Higher body fat levels have been associated with higher than normal LDL cholesterol levels which has been linked to the heart disease issue.

There is also a large amount of evidence that unhealthy body fat levels are a contributing factor to diabetes. When the body contains more fat than is needed to function at it’s best, the body does not respond as well to the insulin being produced.

Finally, having too much body fat puts your bones and joints at risk. Many other different and separate problems can arise when too much weight is placed on your joints and bones.

Danger: Too Little Body Fat

The current diet advice these days seems to be that you will avoid heart disease and many other health problems (including obesity) if you just eat fat free.

We have already stated too much body fat can cause problems, but too little body can cause even more problems than having too much!

Nutrient deficiencies are top on the list of problems that arise when you have too little body fat. Many of the vitamins that are essential to optimal functioning and health are fat soluble.

If you are not getting enough fat in your diet, you won’t be able to absorb many of the vital nutrients your body needs.

Just as with too much body fat, too little will also cause problems with your bones and joints.

For women this is a widespread problem. As they are told to eat fat free (even though fat doesn’t make you fat) they end up increasing their risk for osteoporosis.

Also, women who do not have enough body fat will come to find that they stop menstruating. This is definitely a health issue you want to be aware of if you are a woman and trying to get rid of body fat.

You will also have very little energy throughout the day (brain or body energy) due to the fact that you would have very little fat stored in your body to burn for this purpose. The brain needs fat to perform almost every function it does.

Don’t let all of this scare you. Even though you are using the PhenQ Fat Burner as a supplement to help rid your body of unnecessary fat, there is an optimal level and percentage to shoot for, both for males and females.

Optimal Body Fat Levels

The table from the American Council on Exercise 1 displays how body fat levels vary depending on the specific types:

Women Men
Essential fat 10–13% 2-5%
Athletes 14–20% 6–13%
Fitness 21–24% 14–17%
Normal 25–31% 18–24%
Overweight 32–39% 23–29%
Obese 40+% 30+%

Essential fat is the point when general health could be detrimentally impacted, and below which loss of life is sure.

A debate is present regarding whether a specific fat ratio is better for general well-being.

The leanest sportsmen generally are competing at levels of around 7-13% for men or 14–20% for women; regular people, who do not have so much muscle, have to be into the range in the table above.

Body builders might contend at essential body fat level, actually accredited personal trainers recommends them to maintain that incredibly low level of body fat only during the competition.

But is questionable that these body fat levels are in reality obtained because the methods to determine such levels are imprecise and often times false and 4–6% body fat levels are commonly regarded as a bare minimum for men. 2

I hope this has helped you understand body fat a bit better. With so much information being thrown at us these days (and most of it just plain wrong) you need to know where to stand on this issue.

Please make sure that when using PhenQ as a supplement you follow the directions exactly as they are listed, utilize the diet plans and the exercise plans.

It is all designed to help you reach these exact optimal ranges, whether you are a man or a woman.

When you combine all of these ingredients, and follow the PhenQ diet plan as instructed, you will be maintaining proper, healthy lower body fat levels.

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