Losing Weight can be achieved by three specific types of Diet, with various degrees of accomplishment. However, depending on the Diet chosen, you may be able to consume the same amount of food and still lose weight, attributed to these factors, reducing calories eaten, food combinations, detoxing your body, increasing the frequency of the foods eaten, improving metabolism and fitness.

Also water is lost from the body initially during dieting and wrongly makes the impression that you are experiencing fat loss, so always ensure you drink lots of fluids to ensure you are not dehydrating and any weight lost can be attributed to actual Fat Loss and evidenced that the Diet is working.

The three main Diet groups are Diet, Detox Diet, Diet and Fitness. The Diet group encourages Weight Loss by the cutting back on food types or Calories, alternatively by food combinations that fool the metabolism into running faster to burn more calories achieving Fat Loss.

The Detox Diet group encourages Fat Loss by flushing the organs of harmful bacteria and other nasty impurities from the system, so that the body not only mends to work at it’s optimum, but gets rid of a vast number of these bugs and toxins, losing weight on two fronts.

Although exercise is not required for the Diet or Detox Diet groups, any that raises the heart rate will improve the circulation and burns more calories increasing the likelihood for Weight Loss, this could be, walking, brisk walking, climbing the stairs, etc, however it may not be necessary, especially if your already losing weight on your Diet.

The Diet and Fitness group promotes Losing Weight by mixing variations to the Diet and exercise program, where this can be used for rapid Losing Weight, while inhancing fitness and muscle tone. Research shows when the metabolism is running at it’s optimum, it burns more calories and can be fooled into running in this state for longer and by changing eating patterns more frequently, with the overall effect of Fat Loss. This is done by altering the types of foods eaten together and increasing how often you eat, while specific types of exercise are used to improve the circulation and burn calories further with the result of Losing Weight. The right exercise to use for Losing Weight is important, there are two types used, for an aerobic workout or muscle tone. Aerobic exercise can be used to burns calories over longer periods or to promote circulation in short periods, while fitness training for very short periods for muscle tone or strength, burn calories well after the exercising has finished and effectively carries on for days. It has been shown that carrying out a small intense workout in the shortest possible time 15 – 30 minutes at least three times a week has the same weight loss effect as 30 – 90 minutes. Alternatively, for those who are pushing Weight Loss and the ultimate muscular physic, then longer training sessions are required with the benefit of significantly enhanced fitness levels.

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