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Please read our Uniquehoodia review to learn important facts about this supplement.  Find out why is Unique Hoodia best rated supplement available at the moment.

Hoodia Gordonii is a South African cactus known to suppress appetite when ingested. Used for centuries by the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert, the pulp of this cactus contains a special molecule called P57 that is a very powerful appetite suppressant.



Unique Hoodia is the most powerful natural appetite suppressant because:

  • It contains 495mg of Hoodia per pill (most products have less than 400mg)
  • It contains 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii, not an extract
  • Suppresses your appetite effectively
  • Clinically proven, 100% natural and certified product

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UniqueHoodia is the best hoodia product

It comes straight from the manufacturers farms in South Africa, so no middlemen, no long term storage and its  farms undergo regular testing for quality.

All products like this need to pass through a cleaning process before organizations like the FDA will consider it safe, UniqueHoodia is steam cleaned an effective but expensive process, which ensures the quality of the product.

Other Hoodia products go through irradiation, to destroy microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, or insects and it affects the P57 compound as well crippling its ability to help you lose weight.

Improved Formula

The most important for your weight loss is that this product is 100% Pure Hoodia, just the inner core of the plant, where it’s believe the most concentrated P57 is found.
They offer 90 day Money Back Guarantee, if UniqueHoodia doesn’t work for you, they will refund your money (minus a $20 processing fee).

So with 495mg of pure hoodia in each pill and 90 tablets in a box, you can buy a box for around $50 US which may sound pricey, but you must factor in that first off you get 90 pills in a box and not 60 like many others, and with a brand name you can trust, you can be assured that this will contain real Hoodia.

If you find somewhere cheaper pills you have 99,99% chances to buy fake  supplement. Whoever offers you cheap Hoodia Gordonii product, it very possible that it is grown in Texas or China and it does not contain genuine extract.

User Testimonials

This plant has been used for hundreds of years. The affects of its use in suppressing appetite can be found all over the world including on the BBC, CBS, ABC and even on Oprah.

Please find below a list of testimonials highlighting the success of Hoodia Gordonii and weight loss.

UniqueHoodia’s User Testimonials
”I am taking Hoodia and have found my appetite has reduced massively. I no longer snack between meals, have not eaten any crisps, sweets, biscuits or cakes.I am going to continue with UniqueHoodia as I have 5 stone to lose, although I was hoping for a faster loss.””I am a 62 year old grandma, with slight Arthritis. I have tried numerous products on the market, so when I saw the advert for Unique Hoodia I though why not try them, I ordered 1 months supply, my starting weight was 10 stone 11lbs and with in 4 weeks I am down to 10 stone 3lbs,with losing the weight it has helped my Arthritis. This product for once does as it says, it stops hunger, where as other products I have tried haven’t. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.””I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic about trying weight loss pills, but I can honestly say that Hoodia Gordonii is different. I received the pills just a week ago and I felt the effects almost immediately. I lost my appetite and ate without really feeling hungry. It was pleasantly surprising.”


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UniqueHoodia functions entirely as an appetite suppressant. It is not a stimulant like some other herbs which oftentimes carry anxiety, jitters and sleeplessness as unwanted effects.

It simply reduces one’s impulse to eat. When somebody takes less food in, their body turns to its fat reserves and begins consuming the excess pounds that led the individual to begin dieting in the first place.

This product is a good choice for those whose most difficult hurdle is their big appetite. It can help eliminate the urge to eat huge portions and to overindulge in snacks and other detrimental habits.

If you are looking for a powerful appetite suppressant to help you consume fewer calories then Unique Hoodia offers you a superb option with 100% pure ingredients.

How Does It Work For You?

The most valuable substance for us is the one called P57 molecule. P57 molecule is estimated to be up to 10,000 times as effective as glucose in sending the signal to the brain that tells your body it is NOT hungry.

Taking in P-57 will decrease the want or need to consume food since your brain will be thinking that you are already full. Your cravings for food will be diminished so you will not need to eat as much.

And what is the best of all it does not have any side effects. No anxiety, no palpitations, no raise in heart rate, no nausea, no sleepiness, and no insomnia. All you will be getting from taking this product is a better and healthier life.

Unique Hoodia

Another thing that you might be interested to know is that 92% of customers re-ordered this supplement. It does make logic to say that it really works effectively in reducing weight. Otherwise people will not go for more.

It is certified product

It has CITES certificate, Organic Annex Certificate and its Certificate of Analysis confirming its authenticity.


  • It is CITES certified, which proves that it is genuine hoodia, grown and harvested under the strictest supervision. When a company becomes CITES certified, they must export their hoodia within six months to ensure maximum potency. These restrictions may seem severe, but they are in place to ensure that you get the most effective supplement available today.
  • Organics Annex Certificate proves its 100% unaltered condition.
  • Unique Hoodia comes with a certificate of analysis (COA). This proves that the product is in fact 100% pure hoodia, with no added ingredients. In fact, it contains more than the required amount of p57 per tablet. The COA testing takes places when the product is examined on a mass spectrometer, then measured against the strictest standard.
  • It has also passed extensive testing by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals and CNL (Certified Natural Laboratories), their test results shows that UniqueHoodia supplement contains 100% authentic extract.

Why Buy UniqueHoodia Today?

  • Trusted Brand Name Lativio LLC
  • 100% Pure not an extract
  • High Dosage 495mg per pill
  • Great Value 90 pills per box
  • Bonus – ‘Maximum Results From Hoodia Plan
  • 90 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Starts to work right away – after your first pill
  • Suppress appetite leading to fast weight loss
  • Feel happier, healthier look like your ideal self

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