It’s common knowledge that a vast amount of the weight loss supplements being used today are effective in helping people lose fat. However, there are also many diet pills that have little to no effect in terms of losing weight .

This particular review will cover one of the more best selling diet supplements available to consumers today or rather the key active ingredient in the weight loss supplement itself, Hoodia Gordonii.

Hoodia Gordonii is a succulent plant found in South Africa that grows in waterless climates and is known for its numerous medicinal properties. Besides being most commonly distinguished for being an appetite suppressant, the plant is also used for indigestion and to treat with small infections.

The plant itself is exclusively available to a handful of licensed manufacturers which makes the supply of the diet supplements that utilizes this plant scarce.

The key active ingredient in the plant that holds back the appetite is called P57. Once consumed , this ingredient signals your body that you are full thus limiting your calorie intake. Although there are no concrete evidence of any side effects of this diet supplement , you still may want to consider the following in mind. P57 is absorbed by the liver, as this is one of the various functions of the liver, so if you have any pre-existing liver problems then you should see a doctor before taking this pill.

Also, if you are on other medications, see your physician as to the safety of mixing diet supplements with other medication. Because Hoodia Gordonii limits your appetite, diabetics should be especially mindful to their blood sugar levels. Lastly, the plant is also known to restrain thirst as well as appetite, so make sure you consume water on a regular basis to avoid dehydration.

Early research confirmed that there would have to be an ample amount of p57 in the human body to really have an effect on the body. This is why it’s vitally important that the diet pill manufacturers use adequate dosages in their pills to achieve the desired results and also for you to get your monies worth in purchasing diet pills that do what they claim to do.

Many manufacturers use extracts from other parts of the plant instead of the powder from the plants core. They do this to decrease expenses and maximize profits, unfortunately, this means that you get a cheap and less potent diet pill. Furthermore, many manufacturers use fillers or additives to manufacturer the pill to minimize the effective amount of the primary ingredient.

There was a analysis done by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals that exposed that over 80% of the Hoodia Gordonii capsules they evaluated were discovered to be less than pure Hoodia Gordonii nor even genuine . Furthermore, this test only studied the diet pills that were willingly submitted for testing. This means that there could be hundreds of other so called Hoodia Gordonii products that are being sold but are not the real thing .

There are Hoodia Gordonii products out there that are100% pure organic powder with no added fillers or additives. The most effective Hoodia Gordonii diet pills are capsulated in powder form not from extracts, so be cautious. Verify that the diet pill is clinically tested and look for the CITES certificate proving it’s genuine.

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