Many people do jogging nowadays almost everyday but not much of them think about their safety. But, you should know that this aspect is rather important. While jogging we try not to think much, just enjoy the scenery and fresh air, but still there some sick creeps who may attack you. That is why it is important to take into consideration such fact as personal safety. All you need is just to follow simple rules. First of all, let certain people know where you are going. Actually, it doesn’t matter where exactly are going to jog: along the street, in the park, in the neighborhood etc. and also tell at what time you will be approximately at home. In addition it will be useful to say once again that you should have your cell-phone with you. But to the best of our knowledge it would be even to have your Bluetooth as this would mean that you may jog hands free. But if have no Bluetooth then you may wear an armband with your cell phone and other small items. If you run by cold weather in a jacket you put everything in your pocket. It would be rather good if it is zipped one as nothing would fell out it. If it becomes too warm you bay take the jacket off and put it around your waist. Furthermore it is highly recommended to wear some identification with the phone number and the contact person’s name just in case of emergency. You never know what may happen while you are jogging: you may run into something, get some injuries or even have something more seriously.
You should also know that according to statistics, most of the victims are women, that’s why it is rather important for them to know the surroundings: inspect the place where you going very precisely. I understand that during jogging it’s very easy to relax and stay alone with your thoughts, but don’t forget to look around. If you enjoy listening to the music while jogging, don’t loose your attention either. If you go somewhere for the vacations and have decided to continue your jogging exercises there, don’t forget to ask at the reception about the surrounding area. Before you jog try to examine the area where you’ve decided to do this. Don’t risk jogging in unknown area as you are new to the town and it may cause a lot of problems. Besides, it is rather important to jog facing the traffic. First of all, it’s common traffic rules and, secondly, you would see what’s coming up and consequently you would know how to react in this or that situation.
Jogging is great, but don’t forget about your safety!

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