The stress that we experience every day challenges us daily and is the main reason of putting on weight. We can worry about thousands of things every day, such as relationships, job loss, financial problems and many other issues we come across every day. So stress can be one of the symptoms that we overlook when we gaining weight. When I worked in the technology sector which is stressful, I have never have problems with weight and after a couple of months I noticed that I put on weight. Actually, I did not worry very much as I thought that I will be able to get into my normal weight soon, but it was difficult and I kept those excess pounds. And it did not matter what diet I followed and how much I exercised, excess pounds would always coming back. And then I at last got to know from my friend about the interrelation between weight gain and stress.

He used the term “emotional eating”. This is when a person overeats for other emotional reasons and not the reasons of physical hunger. This person eats because of its emotional state. People can overeat due to challenging working day, relationships with members of the family or something else. The main thing is that emotional eaters use food and eating as an unconscious stress relief tool. And now you know the answer why for the emotional eater very often diet plans and exercise programs are not effective. When they can take the weight off from the very beginning, such approaches do nothing to treat the main causes of overeating.

For all the emotional eaters the main step in overcoming overeating is to be totally honest with theirselves on how they struggle all the stress situations in their lives. If you want to get rid of mindless eating and sugar cravings, first you should define how you are feeling and learn to withstand those feelings differently. If they do not, all the weight loss tips and articles about eating smaller portions of meals, physical workouts and balance will not lead to any noticeable results. In fact, emotional eaters do not get used to wait for their stomachs to indicate meal time. Emotional eaters eat to escape from reality, socialize, celebrate something, combat boredom and mourn.
I understood that I needed something to help me learn how to effectively manage my compulsive eating disorder. Of course, you can go through some therapy, but bear in mind, it is expensive and takes much time. After searching around, I discovered a program that was cheap and gave me fast results. But, actually, I not also managed to lose weight, but I slept better and got more energy for my everyday activity.

The first thing you should understand is that you need more help than diet pills and workouts can provide. After you have clarified for yourself that your overeating habit is the way to make you feel better about something, you can make the right steps to control your weight on a permanent basis.

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