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Have you ever thought that chocolate can promote weight loss process? Chocolate is a very good appetite suppressant and besides, raw organic cacao beans contain many chemical compounds that add a great amount of available, healthy nutrients when consumed in their raw state.

It is suggested to eat a little bit before your largest meal and end up eating less. You can purchase a package of raw cacao beans and eat a couple before your meals. But be careful lest not to buy cacao beans with the skin, as it may contain fungi and bad bacteria. If you have bought cacao means with skins, you should find cacao beans that are certified microbe free.

But to get more fun there are many ways to do this if you do not choose to go that basic.
• Choose dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Milk chocolate is not recommended as it contains lots of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. If you get not enough chocolate, you will not be able to suppress your appetite. A great level of sugar will promote just more cravings for sweets and you will gain more weight.

• If you can make your own treats, you will be able to control the ingredient selection. You should eliminate the common sweeteners. I apply stevia (non-bitter type).

• If you follow a healthy lifestyle, choose the raw organic cacao nibs and raw organic cacao powder as your prime components. You will get the supplementary advantages of all the super nutrients with their enzymes.

I can share with you my main recipe. I started with special chocolate treats:
• 3 Tbsp Raw Cacao Powder
• 6 Tbsp Raw Organic Cacao Nibs
• 9 Tbsp Raw Mesquite Powder
• 2 to 3 Tbsp Fat: Raw Organic Coconut Oil
• 2/3 cup of Water: Coconut Water or Good Water
• 2 or 3 drops Flavoring: Organic or Therapeutic Peppermint Essential Oil
• 1/4 tsp Natural Sweetener: Stevia – the amount will be different, it depends upon personal taste and type of sweetener.

Grind the nibs in a blender with the cacao powder and the mesquite.

Set aside and mix oil and liquid together.

Put in dry ingredients a tablespoon at a time when mixing.

Finish with flavouring and sweetening to individual taste.
You can juggle the liquid and the mesquite at the end to achieve the right consistency. It suggested the consistency of a pudding. Put it in the fridge, so that it can thicken in order you can get it to your personal taste.

The secret of creating the best tasting chocolate treat is to choose the ingredients of the best quality. I always prefer raw and organic. And, the mesquite powder should be very finely ground for a creamy and smooth chocolate treat.

If you really enjoy the chocolate and it is the healthiest thing you can get, you can eat it every day (but do not overindulge in it). Consume it in the right time when satisfying those cravings. So, good luck!

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