People who are desperate to lose weight will try almost anything to achieve that goal. Of the weight loss options available, an Ephedra weight loss program is one of the worst. Using Ephedra to lose weight is not advisable because of the many side effects that come from using it.

Ephedra comes form the plant Ephedra Sinica, which is used in Chinese traditional medicine and for hay fever and asthma treatments. Known more commonly among the Chinese as ma huang, an Ephedra weight loss supplement works as a stimulant which constricts your blood vessels, and increases your heart rate and your blood pressure.

Dietary supplements which contain Ephedra have been linked to many deaths and many have serious side effects. The side effects of Ephedra are the following:

Tremors – Your body, particularly your arms and legs, may involuntarily shake and tremble.

Dry Mouth – You will have a very dry mouth which does cause bad breath as well.

Urinating More Frequently – You will most likely urinate so much more than before without drinking the same amount of water.

Decreased Appetite – You will not feel your natural inclinations for eating and drinking. This gives you a risk for dehydration and loss of potassium stores which can lead to fainting.

High Blood Pressure – The higher your blood pressure is, the more prone you will be to shortness of breath, headaches and dizziness.

Irregular Heartbeat – Ephedra affects your heart and causes it to beat to irregular rhythms, even when you are not exercising.

Anxiety – You will be confused, anxious and nervous for no apparent reasons. Not only that, you may suffer from hallucinations and see things that are not really there.

Kidney Stones – The imbalance in your body, due to the lack of appetite and increased energy, that Ephedra gives can lead to kidney stones developing.

As you can see, the price your health pays for taking Ephedra is quite high. A better method of losing weight would be to eat properly in sufficient amounts, as well as exercise daily. Healthy ways of losing weight may take a little longer to achieve results, but at least you can avoid unpleasant side effects.

Remember that all methods of weight loss that offer instant results are dangerous. There are more than just a few healthy alternatives to choose from. For this reason, it is important that you are aware of all the different ways you can lose weight healthily, and to read weight loss reviews of the systems and supplements available.

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