We all want to have flat and attractive abdomens. But what exercises are the most effective. We all wonder, what exercises to perform in order to achieve the abs of our dream. You can do exercises, using very simple ab equipment According to several studies and surveys, the most effective abdominal workout is the Bicycle maneuver. Most of us are definitely familiar with this easy exercise. We’ve been performing at PT classes, and it turns out, that it is still one of the best exercises for training those stomach muscles. To perform this exercise correctly, lie down on your back Put your hands near your head. Bend your knees toward your chest, make a 45-degree angle and tighten your abdominal muscles. Lift the right elbow in contact with the left knee.

Then do the same with the opposite elbow and knee and repeat.
Doing leg crunches, your stomach performs most of the movement. Lie on the floor and press your lower back flat. Put the hands at your sides or beside your head. Do not put any kind of pressure on your arms or the exercise will lose half of its effectiveness.

Raise both legs straight above your head and slightly bend your knees. Squeeze your abs and then raise your body up off the floor toward your knees. Return to the starting position with your back flat on the floor. Relax and do the exercise again. Do not forget about the correct breathing.

Crunches can be also performed on an exercise ball and many feel it is more efficient than usual crunches. Sit on the ball and put both feet on the floor. Carefully roll back on the ball until you fully extend you back on the ball. Tighten your abs and lift, your trunk off the ball and make a 30-degree angle. Repeat the exercise.

Exercise balls belong the most versatile and efficient pieces of abdominal equipment if compared to their cost. Another cheap equipment is a stretch band. The other name is resistance bands; they allow you to train one muscle group and because of the resistance stabilize the opposing muscles. It is perfect for strengthening and stretching muscles and is often used by beginners.

If you need something a bit more high-tech, there is a number of equipment made especially to train the abs. There are the Back and Ab Machine and Ab Crunch Machine. Both of these abdominal machines have been made to support the neck and lower back.

The Ab Trainer, Ab Wheel, and Ab Slider are other examples of equipment made to work abdominals. As with most abdominal training equipment, their effectiveness often is often depends on correct usage and, and sometimes combining them with other ab workouts.

Really want to have flat stomach? In this case time has come to learn more about abs workout.

Surely abs workout are not some sort of silver bullet against all problems, but if you approach abs workout properly – then it will help you for sure.

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